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Corporate Real Estate Management Software

Corporate Real Estate Management Software

Our Qube Global Software corporate real estate software solutions cover all range of operations from lease and property management through to transaction, facility, space and financial management:

  • Financial management. Our software provides an overall picture of the key cost drivers that impacts your financial performance (i.e. lease exposure, day-to-day costs, total cost of ownership or occupation etc.) – critical information when making important strategic decisions.
  • Transaction management. Gain complete transparency in all transactional work where multiple parties are involved (e.g. service providers, agents, clients etc.) and streamline a variety of tasks (including site selection, acquisition, financing, disposition, sub-lease) using workflows and assigned task role functionality.
  • Monitor service charge costs. Automatic landlord reconciliation allows you to monitor year-on-year variance and will ensure landlords are not overcharging or under-budgeting service charges.
  • Manage payable rent. Pay rent electronically, create a system cheque or pay cash and have multiple payees on each lease if required. 
  • Accounts payable. Manage all accounts payable accounting procedures using our software – unlike other systems, an interface with a separate ERP system isn’t required.
  • Make the most of your space. Use stacking plans and visualisation tools to see where you are using your space efficiently and where improvements can be made.
  • Supplier rationalisation. View past, present and future committed supplier costs against any category of your portfolio to assist in making strategic decisions regarding which and how many suppliers are to be used.
  • Recharge internal departments. Directly recharge internal departments a proportion of the overall rent based on space or workstations used.
  • Sublets and tenant income. Use fully integrated lease management and accounts receivable tools to record your sublets and manage all the associated tenant income.

All Qube Global Software solutions also have many additional benefits:

Visualise your KPIs

Often reporting systems use oversimplified metrics reducing the flexibility of how you view your data. Use our fully integrated dashboard reporting tool to view current performance and trend analysis by any attributes of your portfolio.

Flexible data & reporting structure

Store complex mixed use portfolios ensuring you will always have a clear and consistent view of all property information.

Manage your cross border portfolio on one system

Locally manage indexes, income and cost codes, interest rates, banks, letters, customers & suppliers in each region or country without affecting the overall configuration. Use this in conjunction with the multi-language & multi-currency functionality to have a truly cross border system.

Seamless integration

Use standard Microsoft integration tools to communicate between our solution and your other corporate databases, removing any data duplication and having a single version of the truth across your entire business.

Streamlined business processes

Analyse and manage business processes using task management functionality and identify any bottlenecks in your organisation to improve productivity.

Access from anywhere in the world

2nd generation web design allows you to access all features from anywhere in the world at anytime.

Never miss a date

Ensure that no property, lease or project date is missed with automatic email alerts, thus giving you the tools to exercise your rights within your contracts to reduce costs.

Our Experience

With 40 years’ experience in providing property and facilities management solutions to over 300 corporate customers worldwide, we have the experience and proven track record in providing solutions that help real estate teams manage their business requirements. The software solutions Qube Global Software provides are applicable whether you are an outsource service provider or a property occupier. Within these sectors, some of the leading names worldwide use our products to deliver best possible service to the organisation.

Cloud and Hosting Options

Qube Global Software solutions for corporate real estate are available via a Software as a Service model through our Virtual Private Cloud or as an On Premise solution.

Contact our team and tell us about your requirements or request more information