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Over the last 40 years we have built unrivalled experience in all elements of workplace management systems. This has led to our solutions providing users with data-driven insight that enables them to gain a complete overview of their organisation’s workplace performance.

While our experience is unique, we follow accepted industry practices meaning our solutions consist of the different components traditionally associated with IWMS:

  • Corporate real estate management including lease and transaction management
  • Facilities management covering both ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ FM services across your business
  • Space and move management allowing you to assess space utilisation effectiveness across your business, along with the true financial impact of this
  • Project management capabilities for tasks of all types and sizes
  • Property management of portfolios of varying sizes, including those located in different countries using different currencies.

These can be implemented either as standalone solutions or combined as a complete package covering all your workplace management needs. Regardless of your individual preference, our software will provide you with highly tailored business intelligence specific to your own individual requirements and reports in an easily digestible format featuring interactive dashboard and graphical analysis.

Key Benefits

Educated decision making

Our IWMS software allows you to make informed decisions about how to run your portfolio. Reports based on highly accurate data analysis will provide you with the intelligence to maximise the space under your management and significantly reduce overheads.

Improve productivity

Find the information you need quickly and efficiently rather than using time-consuming spreadsheets.


Our IWMS software can deliver improved transparency and create greater consistency in how you interpret your data. For example, you can be sure exactly which lease expires when, when any maintenance work is required on any of your buildings and make accurate future projections.

Better customer service

Because our IWMS system incorporates scheduling functionality, managing all the tasks you are required to carry out (from lease renewals to maintenance) becomes simple and straightforward. As a result, the service you provide to your customers is of a consistently high standard.

Visualise in real-time

Our software enables you to view real-time information of how the property under your management is used – be it which employee sits where in your office network or which tenant is based in which specific location of your portfolio.

Improved planning

Get an accurate oversight of future space occupancy, maintenance requirements, energy consumption or any other metric that impacts your business.

Streamline processes

Our IWMS software standardises and streamlines your existing space, move, facility, asset and lease management processes. This ensures consistency and efficiency across your organisation.

Document management

Eradicates the paper trail and stores all records in a single easily-searchable location. Track, record and manage all documentation with in-built document version control and check in/out functionality. Template and cloning features further streamline the lease management process.

Build better relationships

Our software will help you build trust with your internal clients (or external if you are acting as service provider) by allowing you to build highly accurate and trustworthy reports.


Can handle a variety of legal structures (i.e. joint ownership and/or complex landlord/tenant relationships), leases and property types (i.e. retail, industrial, commercial and land estates).

Regulatory compliance

We work closely with trade and regulatory organisations to ensure our software complies with necessary data management and auditing requirements.

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