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Lease Management Software

Lease Management Software

Our lease management software provides more than 300 property occupiers with the business intelligence to make fully informed strategic decisions. Through intense scrutiny of the data concerning the performance of your portfolio, our software identifies exactly where and how you could be generating greater savings and ultimately enables you to maximise usage of leased real estate.

This capability will clearly add significant value to your real estate function. For example, it will enable you to manage and view all lease information and documentation in one location, reduce workload duplication by simplifying processes, minimise your exposure to risk and – crucially – provide reporting functionality customised to your individual requirements. This insight will enable the wider business to make better decisions concerning its occupied property.

Software specific for your requirements

With a comprehensive and wide-ranging customer list, we have significant experience of implementing our software in organisations of all sizes with a whole host of different requirements. So whether you’re a multi-national business with property all over the world or you operate from a single office, our software will be able to add discernible value.

Key benefits of our lease management software

Manage all financial aspects of your portfolio

Enables you to manage all income and expenditure across your portfolio, from rent and service charges to landlord reconciliation and financial reporting.

Dashboard business intelligence

Our software’s reporting functionality ensures you receive the information you want about your portfolio’s performance by allowing you to produce complex data-driven reports in easy to understand dashboards. Use these insights to add discernible value to your business.

Seamless integration with other systems

Where required, our lease management solution can be integrated with alternative accounting software or ERP systems. It can also be linked to other third-party solutions (e.g. BMS).

Lease payable and receivable

Our solution manages all facets of both the lease payable and lease receivable processes, from sub-leases, tenant billing and split costs to financial management and sales.

Document management

Eradicates the paper trail and stores all records in a single easily-searchable location. Track, record and manage all documentation with in-built document version control and check in/out functionality. Template and cloning features further streamline the lease management process.

Build better relationships

Our software will help you build trust with your internal clients (or external if you are acting as service provider) by allowing you to build highly accurate and trustworthy reports.


Can handle a variety of legal structures (i.e. joint ownership and/or complex landlord/tenant relationships), leases and property types (i.e. retail, industrial, commercial and land estates).

Regulatory compliance

We work closely with trade and regulatory organisations to ensure our software complies with necessary data management and auditing requirements.

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