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Qube Space Management

Qube Space Management

Our space management software helps facilities managers and real estate departments maximise the space their business occupies and streamline their management of moving assets.

More than 300 property occupiers worldwide rely on our solutions to deliver improved performance. If you’re an organisation with a high level of move activity, you can therefore rely on our space management software – powered by the Accordant solution from our partners CADM – to maximise your work environment, increase productivity, improve business intelligence and provide savings in operating costs. Because it’s easy to use, it’ll perform all these high-level and complicated tasks in a straightforward and intuitive manner.

Due to our expertise across the entire spectrum, we can deliver an unmatched combination of facilities, property and space management functionality. To illustrate this point, our solution can be seamlessly linked to all CRE, CAD and FM data to give you a complete overview of your real estate portfolio. 

Key features of our space management solution

  • People and asset tracking/viewing
  • Help desk resource booking
  • Moves and change management
  • CAD scenario planning and publishing
  • Space allocation and recharge
  • Drawing management and version control
  • Occupancy and strategic planning
  • Engineering drawing archiving

Main benefits of the Qube Global Software space management software:

Headcount calculations

Use the software to get an accurate and up-to-date guide on headcount and occupancy levels.

Access key information

Access and update all key information from space usage, floor layouts and desk usage to IT asset locations to moves in real time.

Find what you want quickly

Our software means you can locate the data you need quickly and effectively rather than asking multiple departments around your business.

Allow staff to update

Due to the simple interfaces incorporated in the solution, you can give permission to designated staff members to update specific parts of the system relevant to them.

People finder

Our software includes a useful people finder tool so that you can quickly locate specific staff members. Assuming this is extensively used across your business, any errors can be rectified quickly.

Hot desking

Hot desking tools enable you effectively optimise your resources.

Bar code functionality

Bar code functionality means you can survey departments quickly and accurately and then upload this information en masse to establish the existing status of specific assets.

Quick move management

Our move management functionality incorporates drag-and-drop interfaces making the process straightforward and transparent to all concerned.

"Error-free" moves

Resources are transported to the correct place where required and are utilised as effectively and efficiently as possible.

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