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Facilities management software that improves service and reduces costs

Facilities management software that improves service and reduces costs

Our facilities management software is designed to help you maximise the lifespan of your assets and increase efficiencies while keeping costs down, incorporating all the functionality you need to manage both ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ services.

Benefits of using our CAFM software

Increased business intelligence

Business intelligence dashboards and reporting tools deliver timely information based on Key Performance Indicators (KPI) from around your organisation. Share relevant analysis across your business in easy-to-understand formats that will really grab their attention.

Increased productivity

From logging calls via the web portal to sending work orders direct to your employees’ mobile, our software is designed to speed response times and increase productivity.

Enhanced efficiency

Reduce travelling times by using our mobile technology to structure your engineers’ days effectively and allow your staff to log calls 24 hours a day, book rooms and optimise building resources efficiently.

Reduce repair costs

By using the advanced planned maintenance scheduling and management tools in our CAFM/CMMS solutions, you reduce the likelihood of breakdowns and therefore minimise both disruption to your business and repair costs.

Reduced disruption

Using the advanced scheduling functionality, effectively plan workloads and tasks, so maintenance can be carried out at a pre-arranged convenient time (e.g. when the building is empty or when equipment is not in use) – a particularly attractive feature to organisations with facilities open to the public, such as hotels, hospitals, retail outlets and educational establishments.

Efficient purchasing procedures

The stores and purchase management functionality is a complete solution that will deliver significant savings as stocks by maintaining stocks at appropriate levels ensuring consistent and streamlined purchasing procedures.

Efficient headcount management

Implement a preventative maintenance program that results in fewer breakdowns and reduced need for engineers (or contractors). More efficient scheduling also reduces headcount further.

Improved safety and risk management

Our solution delivers a raft of health and safety features from risk assessments, safety instructions, work permits, asbestos and COSHH management.

Increased mobile workforce productivity

Benefit from our FM mobile app to maximise efficiencies across your workforce and enable your staff to undertake job handling, dispatch and sign off remotely.

Delivered how you want

Our FM software is available via our SaaS solution, delivered from our private cloud, allowing you to use it wherever you are in the world simply by logging in through an internet browser. This has a number of cost and convenience benefits (e.g. access to the system from any computer with internet capabilities, significant cost savings due to removal of the need for purchasing and ongoing management of server hardware etc.). Alternatively, we can supply our FM software on premise, which means you license the system and it is hosted either on your own premises or externally.

Why Qube Global Software?

With 40 years’ experience and more than 250 organisations using our facilities management software, from FM contractors and amusement parks to universities and prisons, we pride ourselves on offering a software solution to meet any your needs regardless of your unique requirements.

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