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Property Management Software

Property Management Software

Qube Global Software’s property management software customers are some of the most successful organisations in their markets.

Independent research proves that customers using our software have grown their profits substantially in their time as users. Our solutions facilitate this growth by increasing process efficiencies, delivering improved rental and service charge income, providing improved decision making tools to assist with strategic choices and reducing exposure to risk.

Our property management software is powered by Horizon, the most technically advanced solution in the market.

A selection of benefits delivered by our property management software

Make better decisions

With the advanced business intelligence functionality provided, gain a total view of your portfolio though your software. Know what part of the portfolio is under performing and know how to act.

Reduce your risk

Understand what your strengths and weaknesses are, obtaining insight so that your investment decisions are based on sound data.

Increased accuracy

Reduce reliance on potentially erroneous and difficult to maintain spreadsheets and have one true view of your property data.

Improve debt control

Debt collection processes can be made more efficient by using detailed and time-saving reporting capabilities that show where exposure lies.

Process quickly

Eradicate manual tasks and work more efficiently with our structured and automated processes. Use intuitive workflow tools to standardise working practices exactly the way you need to.

Create efficiency

Make sure asset management teams, property management teams and partners are working optimally and if needed act quickly to restructure workloads

Increase sustainability

Use your property data to work out energy footprints and work with tenants and partners to reduce your portfolio’s negative impact on the environment.

Improve transparency

Achieve compliance with accounting standards, industry body guidance and tax legislation. Make practices and transactions easy to audit and show stakeholders that your organisation is efficient and accountable.

Work closely with your partners

Agents can access your property management systems ensuring accuracy of information and less duplication of effort – making sure that all information is up to date with no time delays.

Deliver better customer service

Create better relationships with tenants using payment and self-service portals. Ensure customers have the information that they want when they want it.

Link with other systems

While our solutions are fully featured, you have the option to retain your corporate systems and link these to your property management data.

Our Experience

Over 250 property investment customers use our solutions, including multinational investors and funds through to private family owned property companies. Their portfolios can concentrate on retail, commercial, residential or land assets or more commonly a mixture of these. What is common amongst them all is that they have chosen the software with the most powerful property and accounting tool-sets and the most technologically advanced solutions in the marketplace today. These solutions have set the standard for working procedures and reporting practices in the industry.


Whatever your IT set-up or preferences are we have a solution for you. As well as the traditional ‘on premise’ model, we offer a Software as a Service (SaaS) model using our virtual private cloud services. This cloud option can assist you in lowering your overall costs and can also provide a better service option over using you own IT infrastructure.

Contact our team and tell us about your requirements or request more information