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Property Investment Management Software

Property Investment Management Software

Whether you’re managing an international investment fund or a small private property portfolio, your goal as a real estate investor is to maximise revenue, reduce costs and ensure optimal performance.

With more than 1,000 customers worldwide, we have a proven track record of delivering property and asset management software solutions customised to the requirements of a wide range of organisations. Our real estate enterprise solutions are some of the most widely used and highly regarded in the industry, setting the benchmark for property investment management software. These solutions mirror the depth and breadth of our customers across a range of asset classes including:

  • International investment funds 
  • Retail and mall management
  • Land investments
  • Commercial property
  • Residential and condo management


Software features

Meeting all of your requirements

Qube’s enterprise solutions deliver a comprehensive suite of functionality and features specifically designed for the property industry. They cater for all property management, asset management, facilities and maintenance and financial accounting requirements.

Manage all types of asset classes

Whether you need to manage an office building, shopping mall, industrial site, multi-family block or condo, Qube’s property database holds all the key property, lease, tenant, supplier and landlord information to drive all property management processes and outputs.

Manage cross-border portfolios

Our solutions enable you to manage cross-border portfolios on one common database and ensure regional business processes are supported by incorporating multi-currency and multi-language features, along with localisation tools.

Tenant and lease management

Capture all property and tenancy related information to ensure the system creates necessary alerts for critical dates, options and expiries. Our solution also incorporates workflows also help create, renew and terminate lease agreements easily and accurately.

Pre-leasing and customer management

Manage each stage of the pre-leasing process, ensuring you select the most suitable tenants for your business. Track all communication and activities between your team and merge documents easily and quickly.

Accounting and financial management

A full multi-ledger accounting suite provides the tools and procedures to manage and record all income and expenditure generated from a property. Handle the end-to-end lifecycle of all transactions, from invoicing through to debt settlement.

Expense recovery

Calculate and recover service charge and other expenses easily and effectively. Create multiple schedules and apportion between properties or units, on a base floor, weighted floor or percentage split if necessary.

Rental forecasting

Gain an insight into your future risk exposure by modelling your rental income, factoring in assumptions based on future rental rates, settlements and vacancy caused either by lease expiration, rent review or options.

Facilities and maintenance

Control the maintenance cycle from start to finish to ensure that every aspect of each task is correctly undertaken and resolved satisfactorily. Manage all planned, reactive and preventative maintenance cycles.

Business intelligence

Our solutions provide a management reporting layer incorporating leading web reporting technologies and extensive functionality. For example, our Vision dashboard suite provides a highly visual, interactive graphical analysis against KPIs of your portfolio’s past, current and future performance.

Systems integration

More than 80 per cent of our customers interface our solution with third party systems. Seamlessly integrate our software with your existing applications used for accounting, valuations, building management, forecasting and modelling, Point of Sale, footfall, GIS and more.


Allow your agents to use your property management software to ensure the data you use for your business processing is accurate and instantly updated, while also avoiding errors of duplication.

Delivering property management software for investors

Our property management solutions cover the whole breadth of your organisational needs, they include an integrated suite of solutions that incorporates functionality for:

  • General ledger
  • Financial reporting and analysis
  • Cash management
  • Accounts receivable
  • Accounts payable
  • Service charging
  • Utility management
  • Purchase ordering
  • Budgeting
  • Forecasting
  • Maintenance planning
  • Document management
  • Content management

 All of this functionality is underpinned by unrivalled business intelligence capabilities that significantly enhance your effective decision making abilities by providing full visibility over asset performance. Our business intelligence incorporates easy-to-understand executive dashboard KPI reporting tool, a suite of more than 160 standard business reports and CAD and GIS overlays

Our property management solutions are delivered to suit your business environment, whether you require a client server delivery or second generation online property management web user interface. Because of this, we offer a traditional ‘on premise’ model or Software as a Service delivered from our specialised data centres that provides you with a reduced total solution cost yet give an improved service option over traditional deployment methods. Our varied deployment approaches match the diversity of our customer base, which ranges from small user communities to large, from regional to international.

An introduction to business intelligence for the property professional
An introduction to business intelligence for the property professional
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