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Office Management Software

Office Management Software

Qube Global Software’s commercial property management software enables you to maximise profitability on your real estate investments and operations.

Today many organisations manage millions of square feet using our enterprise software, which gives them a significant advantage by encouraging wide-ranging cross-departmental, enterprise wide business processes. As part of this functionality, it consolidates multiple, disparate data repositories into one common database platform thereby providing a highly functional offering.

But our software’s business intelligence capabilities are where it really comes into its own. Our solutions provide users with the support to make multi-million dollar investment decisions by providing them precise information that offers deep visibility into past and future performance of their portfolio. Interrogate the data as you see fit, gain real-time insight and then exercise greater control over your day-to-day management activities.

Qube Global Software’s commercial management solution is a fully integrated set of offerings designed to support the management of office, retail and industrial portfolios.

Software features

Meeting all of your requirements

Our commercial management software uses the latest in web-developed technology to provide flexibility. The system can be configured to meet your business’ unique processes and needs – building screens, workflows or new reports quickly and easily.

Manage cross-border portfolios

If your investment portfolio crosses borders, then we can help. Because our enterprise solution supports multiple currencies and offers local features such as indexation, rent reviews and measurements. You can manage both local and international operations with a single system.

Automate calculations

The solution automates complex calculations, such as rent changes, late charges, discounted cash flows and consumer price index (CPI) increases, freeing your staff to work more strategically and avoiding the risk of human error.

Tenant lifecycle

Qube Global Software helps you manage the full tenant life cycle by supporting you from contact to contract. Whether you have appointed leasing agents or have your own in-house team, the system can store detailed information about potential tenants, viewings and offers. It can then leverage this information to create lease records once a deal is done. Critical data flows from one process to the next makes this procedure seamless, while the software also gives you the capability to establish workflows and approvals.

Complete accounting system

A full multi-ledger accounting suite provides the tools and procedures to manage and record all income and expenditure generated from a property. Handle the end-to-end lifecycle of all transactions, from invoicing through to debt settlement.

General ledger

A core component of our enterprise solution is the integrated general ledger that provides an extremely flexible account structure, along with the capacity to provide real-time accounting, recurring and auto reversing journal entries, drill down capability, simultaneous cash and accrual accounting and more.

Expense Recovery

Calculate and recover service charge and other expenses easily and effectively. Create multiple schedules and apportion between properties or units, on a base floor, weighted floor or percentage split if necessary.

Facilities and maintenance

Control the maintenance cycle from start to finish to ensure that every aspect of each task is correctly undertaken and resolved satisfactorily. Manage all planned, reactive and preventative maintenance cycles


Allow your agents to use your property management software to ensure the data you use for your business processing is accurate and instantly updated, while also avoiding errors of duplication and losing ownership.


Eliminate data silos and make information accessible throughout the organisation, giving greater visibility into how your properties are performing at all times. You can easily configure client-specific reports and dashboards that allow you to quickly make informed decisions.

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