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Retail Investment Management Software

Retail Investment Management Software

As a real estate investor that either specialises in shopping malls or has a significant focus on the management of retail locations, you will know all about the complex nature and needs of this type of property investment.

Having worked with a broad range of retail investor customers, our solutions are customised for these organisations and incorporate extensive functionality to fulfill their unique requirements.

Underpinned by a business intelligence functionality specifically focused on delivering information that businesses operating in the sector require, our retail solutions are used by some of the most respected and well known investors and offer unrivalled functional depth and capability.

Software features

Automated sales rent calculations

Remove the use of spreadsheets by using our fully automated turnover rent functionality. Tenant sales figures can be fed into our software, invoices automatically calculated – based on the terms specified in the lease agreement – and then billed to the tenant directly.

Manage tenant credit control

Show which tenants are overdue for sending turnover certificates or paying rent and – if necessary – send the relevant automatically created reminder letters direct from the system.

Automate sales figures

Automatically feed EPOS sales data into the software to reduce any manual data entry.

Track footfall against turnover

Capture footfall figures from specific malls, floors or zones or across entire retail sites. Gain insights into retail performance by comparing visitor access against spending and total rental income.

Track all retail revenue

Track and bill customers for popup stands, advertising hoarding, ATMs, car parking, one off events and any other income related to your mall or retail outlet. View income performance for these spaces and customer types over time to make future strategic decisions.

Accurately predict your income

Use rent forecasting functionality to produce multiple scenarios, predicting future income (be it for the next month, year or number of years) for each outlet, mall or region.

Market successfully

The mall is a brand and needs the correct tenant mix; our state of the art business intelligence reporting solution allows you to analyse your property information by current and target tenant mix, tenant category, product category, area category and sales trends over any period either historically and predicatively

Visualise through CAD diagrams

Take advantage of CAD integration to visualise all your retail and property information over a plan of your mall(s). This will demonstrate where the tenant mix coule be improved, sales turnover is below average, vacancies exist and more...currently, in the past or in the future.

Solutions delivered to your requirements

Our retail management software solutions are delivered to suit your IT and business environment. We offer the accustomed ‘on premise’ model, as well as a Software as a Service option from our specialised data centres. The latter can provide you with a reduced total solution cost and provide an improved service option over traditional deployment methods.

Regardless of your specific individual preferences, we provide solutions that enable organisations and individuals to make more from their involvement in property.

Contact our team and tell us about your requirements or request more information